Dota Underlords Winning Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Below are tips and tricks that I’ve compiled to take your game to the next level, some of these are common sense, some might surprise you!

Win early

Yes, this sounds great doesn’t it? But, it’s not so easy, you say. Well, the point of this tip is that you should be WORKING on winning early on in the match. Meaning, as important as collecting gold and getting interest may be, by setting yourself up to win early on will get you more gold in the long run. You don’t want to pass up valuable common heroes up early just to save a bit of gold.

See what others are doing

This is without a doubt my #1 tip. If you’re not looking at what the other players have, you are not going to do well. Each round you select from a set of heroes from a global pool. If someone already has 5 mechs in round 8, someone else has 4 on their bench, and you’ve suddenly decided to go mech, you’ve already lost. The real secret to winning this game, is picking the least utilized class by other players that is still a strong combination!

Decide on a strategy early, but don’t be afraid to pivot

Non upgraded heroes sell for the same prices as you bought them for. Decide on a strategy early on, but if you see the competition is high, pivot! Sell those heroes and go for something that isn’t as utilized. You might take a small HP hit early on, but it will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

Not all heroes are equal

The truth is, some heroes just suck. Whether it’s a balance issue, or combination issue, they just don’t pan out well in the long run (sorry Axe).

Needless to say, a hero that has a cost of 1 is probably not going to be as good as a hero that has a cost of 3. Early on, you want to make as many high level common combinations as possible to get a head start, but winning in the end game completely depends on having leveled up high quality heroes.

Interest, and why it matters

If you have 6 heroes on the board and you’re winning, there’s no need to upgrade to the next level. For every 10 gold that you have at the end of a round, you will get an extra gold as a reward. This goes all the way up to 5, if you have 50 or more. 5 extra gold every round can make a huge difference. Sometimes, it’s worth it to lose a few rounds to build up the interest rate to win at the end of the game.

Winning in the end

All to often i see players have a great start to the game, but end up in 5th at the end. The problem is, their strategy. Assassins are very strong early on, but they just can’t compete with the area damage that mages can do in the end. Heroes like Kunkka, Keeper of the Light, Razor, Shadow Fiend do insane amounts of damage leveled up, and their abilities can effect 4 heroes at a time.

Gameplay is constantly changing

Dota Underlords, as well as all of the other auto chess games, are extremely new. The developers are releasing updates faster than most players can get used to them. One day mech druid can be unbeatable, while the next day knight mage can be the new thing. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find those unstoppable combos, sometimes, that is the key to success!

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